Essay proofreading

I offer a proofreading service for students, whether it be for an essay, a piece of coursework, an Oxbridge personal statement, or a final dissertation.
I will check your spellings, your grammar, your sentence structure, everything that matters in your writing. I will advise on any changes required to the paragraphing and the logical flow of your argument. I will make sure you have a piece that moves seamlessly from your evidence to your conclusion. If your essay proves difficult to follow, I’ll advise on how your can tweak it and make it both argue well and read well.
Of course, I can’t write your essay for you. The ideas in your work and the thesis you are presenting – these must come from you.
All the changes I propose to any piece of work will be presented to you in a way which allows you to either accept or reject them easily. You are, of course, not obliged to accept my proposals! However, after 20 years in the teaching profession, advising students on their work and helping them through their exams, I am well qualified to advise on your written work.
I can turn pieces around extremely quickly if need be. If you have a deadline looming, contact me and I’ll make sure your piece is fully ready by the submission date.
My rates are competitive:
Usually I will charge £10 per 1,000 words. Only if a piece of work is particularly tricky, or difficult to untangle, will I ask for a higher rate. If you are unsure, copy a page into an email and send it to me. I’ll proofread it for free and advise how much it will be to assess the whole thing.
If you want to talk things through, don’t hesitate to give me a ring. I might be able to provide the advice which will get you the grade you need!